Seaton Meadows

Seaton Meadows

We are licensed to accept:

1. Hazardous (asbestos and construction waste containing asbestos),
2. Non-hazardous (including inert) and;
3. Stable non-reactive hazardous waste.


  • Industrial & commercial
  • *Hazardous contaminated land (subject to BS12457)
  • Non-hazardous contaminated land
  • *Hazardous waste (subject BS 12457)
  • Difficult waste (i.e. where the physical properties of the wastes create a requirement for a bespoke handling solution).
  • Domestic waste
  • *Asbestos waste (bonded & fibrous)
  • Inert waste
  • Construction and demolition waste

* All asbestos & hazardous wastes are landfilled in separately engineered cells as per the European landfill directive and IPPC regulations

The site has planning permission until 2027.

Site Address:

Seaton Meadows Landfill, Brenda Road, Hartlepool, TS25 2BJ

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 07:00 – 15:30

(last load to be tipped by 15:00)

Friday 07:00 – 14:30

(last load to be tipped by 14:00)

Correspondence Address:

ALAB Environmental Services, Able House, Billingham Reach Industrial Estate,  Billingham, Teesside, TS23 1PX

IPPC Permit Details:

IPPC Details: Non-Hazardous with Stable Non-Reactive hazardous Mono-Cells. Permit Number EP 3830 LE (replaced Permit Number BV1259IL in October 2006).

Other Services Available:

  • Sale and supply of engineering clay, soils & aggregates
  • Collection and transport of waste
  • Access to port facilities for the receipt of waste via the sea (within 400 metres of Seaton Meadows)

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